NSWDS February 2017 meeting

NSWDS first meeting for 2017 was jam packed with 51 attendees; full of interest for all. It began with our AGM, resulting in one change of committee member as our Liaison Office Geoff Usher stepped down; in his place new committee member Lynn Clayton was welcomed.  Geoff, who has give sterling service over his years on the committee, was presented with a beautiful potted geranium in appreciation.

Member Mark Burns, a recent collector of Dickens Ware, brought along some of his items, telling us how he began his  collection. Anyone interested to explore Dickens Ware themselves can do so at http://nicholnack.com.au/dickens-ware/r.d.-dickens-ware-scenes.html.

A reading from our Book of the Year Oliver Twist was given to us by actor, Chantelle Jamieson, who has worked in stage, film and television productions. Chantelle brought the section she read to life and in April she’ll be appearing on stage in a new production which no doubt will be of interest to many Dickensians(see details below) .

Then our main speaker was Dr. Rachel Franks from the State Library of NSW discussed the changed perception of policing at a crucial time and how Dickens directly contributed to a significant shift in how we consume true crime stories. The meeting over, various members stayed on for lunch to enjoy more Dickensian fellowship.

Photos by Anthony Fretwell; http://fretwellphotography.com.au/

For anyone interested, from 6 – 22 April, Chantelle Jamieson will be appearing at Sydney’s Seymour Centre in a new Australian work inspired by the history of Urania Cottage, a home for “fallen” women founded by Charles Dickens. Set in London 1848, six women have been given a second chance. Their pasts behind them, they have been promised a clean slate on the other side of the world, in the new colonies of Australia. Further details can be found at http://www.sportforjove.com.au/theatre-play/fallen


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