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Lucinda Hawksley Dickens Weekend a5 Flyer

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We are a literary society which aims to knit together in a common bond of friendship lovers of that great master of humour and pathos, Charles Dickens. The NSW Dickens Society is a branch of the International Dickens Fellowship.

We warmly welcome any visitors who would like to attend our meetings which are held in the Nangamay Room, (formerly Sydney Room), Tattersalls Club, 194 – 204 Pitt Street (near Market Street), Sydney.  Refreshments from 10am, meetings commence at 10.30am; $5 for members, $10 for non-members.

Dickens members enjoy the camaraderie and fellowship which our meetings encourage; many staying on for lunch (at own expense) following the meetings.

Our patron is Miriam Margolyes OBE

Our first branch meeting took place on 26 October 2002 and membership has grown since then.  We usually have six meetings throughout the year, our last one in December being a Christmas Lunch, usually held jointly with the Australian Brontë Association.

Each year we nominate a Dickens ‘Book of the Year’.  Members vote for their preferred Dickens book; the book receiving the most votes becoming the ‘Book of the Year’.  At each meeting we have short readings from the ‘Book of the Year’; we also occasionally show clips of the movie versions if the book in question has been made into a movie.  This is followed by a speaker who will discuss various aspects of Dickens life and times.   However we are not academics who know everything about Charles Dickens , but are just enthusiastic amateurs who enjoy reading and talking about him and his writings.

We publish a bi-monthly newsletter Household Words to coincide with each meeting.

Boz in Oz, which includes articles written by the members themselves, has been our yearly journal published since its inception in 2004.  It is now distributed each February at the first meeting of the year.  For those member who provide a stamped self addressed envelope in A4 size, it can also be posted.


10 Responses to About Us

  1. John David Sayles says:

    I would like to join your society, I live in Brisbane and admire Charles Dickens’ writings. Recently I have adapted one story from David Copperfield as a one act play (40 minutes), which I also directed. It has four characters David, Mr Micawber, Uriah Heep & Agnes Wickfield.

    • nswdickens says:

      NSWDS – who already has one Brisbane member – would welcome you as another Brisbane member. So we hope that you’ll fill out the form which can be found on the Membership page.

  2. Jade says:

    Hi, I’d just like to know if there’s a meeting before October 2018?
    Thank you.

    • nswdickens says:

      Good to hear from you Jade, Yes there will be meetings in February, April, June, August and early October prior to the conference. Details will be advertised following our Christmas lunch on 2 December; please let me know if you’d like those details as we welcome guests to join us for the festivities. Cheers, Michelle

      • John Sayles says:

        Can you please confirm that I am booked in to attend the Christmas lunch as I have not received confirmation or a ticket, but my cheque has been banked.
        Best Regards
        John Sayles

      • nswdickens says:

        Good to hear from you John. Yes, I can confirm that you have booked and paid to attend our Christmas lunch. We do not send out tickets but your name will be at the door of Cellos Restaurant, Castlereagh Boutique Hotel, 169 Castlereagh St, Sydney. We look forward to seeing you on 2 December for a Victorian Christmas celebration.

      • John Sayles says:

        Thank you Michelle
        Looking forward to it.

  3. Kathie la Rooij says:

    Please can you post details of the October conference. We need to know the price and if it includes accommodation. Thank you.
    Kathie La Rooij
    president of Christchurch (NZ) Dickens fellowship

  4. Loretta Mckee says:

    I’d like to receive the bi monthly newsletter please from the Dickens society.
    Many thanks.
    Loretta Mckee

    • nswdickens says:

      Good to hear from you Loretta. To receive a copy of our bi-monthly Household Words you need to be a member. So if you’d like to join us you’ll find a 2019 Membership form at the Membership page which documents all the benefits of membership.

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